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Certificial is a real-time certificate of insurance issuance and compliance monitoring platform that integrates directly with the NowCerts AMS free of charge.

Certificial's integration with NowCerts automates a continuous data flow between the two systems to streamline the COI response process and automate renewals.

Certificial // NowCerts for Agents and Brokers:

  • Simplify and Reduce Certificate Requests
    - Receive and respond to request for insurance, all in one environment

  • Decrease E&O Risk
    - Ensure that the COIs being actively used as proof of insurance always match the current policy coverage

  • Issue Certificates and Policy Renewals
    - Push policy updates to an unlimited number of Certificate Holders with a single click, and never let policies expire

  • Compare Requirements
    - Instantly compare your clients' coverage to the Certificate Holder's request and get alerted when requirements change, ensuring adequate coverage is maintained

  • Enable Self-Service for Clients
    Provide your power-user clients with the ability to issue their own certificates using pre-approved templates, improving transparency and saving you time and resources

Certificial // NowCerts for Your Clients:

  • Ensure Adequate Coverage is Maintained
    - Continuous insurance monitoring within Certificial makes sure your clients always know whether they are meeting coverage requirements, and alerts them of possible gaps in compliance

  • Increased Visibility to Certificate Holders
    - Your clients can view a complete list of Certificate Holders with whom their coverage information is being shared, and be granted access to policy information, endorsement documents, and more

  • Ability to Issue Self-Service COIs
    - Once you add your clients' policy information and pre-approved language, they can issue COIs to any Certificate Holder without having to contact you to fulfill each request

  • Market Their Business as a Low-Risk Partner
    - Your clients can download our "Real-Time Insurance Coverage" badge to make their company stand out from the crowd as a partner who values transparency and guarantees continuous compliance

  • Use Requestor Mode to Manage Suppliers
    - Using a simple toggle to switch from "Insured" mode to "Requestor" mode, your clients can transition from sharing insurance policies, to requesting that their subcontractors, suppliers and vendors share policy information with them

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"Integrating with my AMS was easy, and now I can make a policy change and push the new info directly to all Cert Holders. This will save us thousands of hours a year."


"We're very impressed with the platform that [Certificial] has built. We've been saying for years that creating and distributing certs shouldn't be so complicated. Cheers to the Certificial team for figuring it out!"