Monitor your suppliers' coverage with real-time data

We've digitized and automated the
insurance verification process


Reduce Risk

Know your suppliers' current coverage at all times via dynamic feeds from their agents' systems


Simplify Your Systems

Manage all your suppliers, along with their compliance status, in a single location


Eliminate Uninsured Activity

Use the dynamic data to trigger action for non-compliance by denying access to systems or buildings, stopping payment, or canceling an order


Save Time

Use pre-populated templates to quickly request insurance coverage from suppliers

Be Alerted

Receive notifications when a suppliers' insurance coverage lapses, is canceled, or is reduced below your required limits


A certificate of insurance is only proof that
insurance existed at one point in time. 

Through Certificial's Smart COI Network, we provide risk manager and procurement departments with the reassurance that suppliers have up-to-date coverage at every point in time.


By continuously comparing your requirements with the data provided by your supplier's
insurance provider, we will immediately alert you. Compliance trackers flash
red to warn
a supplier is not compliant,
amber to warn of expiring coverage, and green when
all requirements are met and coverage is active.

Rest easy knowing you are reducing risk and
eliminating gaps in your compliance program.

See why requestors, insureds, agents and brokers are joining Certificial to manage, dynamically track, and monitor their clients and suppliers' insurance coverage

Know you are properly covered