Monitor your suppliers' coverage with real-time data

We've digitized and automated the insurance verification process

Reduce Risk – Know your suppliers’ current coverage at all times (via dynamic feeds from their agents’ systems)

Be Alerted – Receive notifications when a supplier’s insurance coverage lapses, is canceled, or is reduced below your required limits

Reduce Complexity – Manage all your suppliers in a single location

Save Time – Use templates to quickly request insurance coverage

Eliminate Uninsured Activity – Use the dynamic data to trigger action for non-compliance by denying system access or building access, stopping payment, or cancelling an order

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Real-Time Compliance

A certificate of insurance is only proof that at a point in time insurance existed

Risk Managers, procurement departments and the like want simple assurance that their suppliers have insurance that protects them against potential loss. A piece of paper can never do that, unless it was updated every day. Certificial keeps you updated via direct integrations with insurance providers.  


APIs allow our users to constantly update their insurance verification

By using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), Certificial is able to build live data connections between the companies requesting verification of insurance and the companies providing proof of insurance. Using this technology, Certificial pulls insurance verification directly from the databases of insurance providers. Rather than verifying insurance once a year with a request for a certificate of insurance, a Certificial user is constantly updated about the status of their suppliers' coverage.



All your insurance verification and sharing in a single location

Certificial is an independent platform and not owned by any insurer, broker, agency or AMS. We are building connections to all major insurance providers so that you will be able to verify all of your suppliers' coverage, in real-time, on one platform, which means no more gaps in your compliance program.

Compliance Alerts

You set the standards

Certificial allows users to create unlimited customized insurance requirement templates. These templates can provide insurance requirements specific to different lines of business, geographic locations, or even buildings. Each may have distinct needs when it comes to limits, coverages or endorsements.



We keep watch

By constantly comparing your requirements with the data provided by your suppliers' insurance provider, we can immediately alert you to any problems, including cancellations or reductions in coverage. If their data is not yet available through direct connection with their insurance provider, manual (though still digital) verification is facilitated by Certificial. If their insurance provider is a member of the Certificial network, you will have real-time verification of the supplier's insurance coverage and compliance.


Everyone wins

Certificial’s compliance system is intuitive and easy to use. It flashes red to warn a supplier out of compliance for at least one of many different reasons, amber to warn of expiring coverage and green when a supplier's insurance requirements are met and coverage is active.  You can rest easy knowing you have full control over the risk related to your suppliers' insurance coverage.

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