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Identifying Pain Points
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Identifying Pain Points

Certificates of insurance are the highest transacted document in the insurance industry.

February 8, 2022

October 23, 2019
2 min read

Just days after the formal launch of Certificial’s insurance verification platform, I found myself with 7,000 other insurance professionals at InsureTech Connect in Las Vegas. It was interesting to see our company through the lens of the greater InsureTech community.

The big buzz at ITC this year centered around solving “pain points” for the insurance industry and eliminating the perception that InsureTechs are just a bunch of “shiny toys.” Couldn’t agree more: our industry has so many painful (and honestly just plain awful) processes, and the reality is that insurance is slow to change, but the right technology can enable true process transformation.

Speaking with insurance industry leaders at ITC about the challenges they face has only increased my conviction that Certificial’s technology is addressing one of the insurance industry’s greatest pain points. Certificates of insurance are the highest transacted document in the insurance industry. The process of submitting certificates of insurance is an operational expense and a logistical nightmare that has frustrated and slowed down our industry for decades. We’re addressing those challenges head on.

Certificial was designed to streamline insurance verification and eliminate the pain points caused by point-in-time documents. I’m committed to fixing this huge industry issue. And I think Certificial is a great case for the importance of focusing on identifying problems and building tech-driven solutions that transform legacy processes.

Insurers— from big to small— as well as AMS providers, can now integrate free of charge with Certificial to seamlessly share policy information for clients at the touch of a button. From the smallest agent generating certs to the largest brokers, who have whole facilities that manage up to a million of these requests daily, integration with Certificial allows agents, their customers, and their customers’ customers to interact all on a single platform, streamlining the process, reducing the overhead, and freeing up all parties to focus on growing their business, not generating paper work. That’s a pretty fantastic use for technology if you ask me.

Want to get started with Certificial? Contact, call us at 877-248-1229, or reach out to me directly.