Dynamic Insurance Verification

Certificial was built with all three stakeholders equally in mind:


  • Insureds (Suppliers, Vendors, Policy Holders)

  • Requestors (Companies, Certificate Holders)


Each profile type can leverage Certificial in their own way, greatly improving their own individual business operations.


As stakeholders connect on the platform additional values are provided to all parties making Certificial the ultimate compliance platform for dynamic insurance sharing and monitoring.

Your risk isn’t point-in-time

Your Suppliers’ insurance shouldn’t be either

Digitally verify and then continuously monitor your Suppliers’ insurance coverage

Stop tracking Suppliers' Insurance with spreadsheets

Certificial will alert you whenever a vendor or supplier fails to comply with your customized requirements... beyond just the expiration date

No more insurance coverage gaps or fraud

Once you receive a certificate of insurance, it's out of date

Insurance policies can be canceled at any time, policies may have lapsed, or a dozen other issues could have impacted the available coverage.  


Learn how Certificial is integrating directly with insurance systems to eliminate the gaps and drastically improve compliance.

Learn more about Real-Time Compliance >

Sometimes you need to send proof of insurance

Sometimes you need to receive proof of insurance

Certificial lets you do both - from a single account.  With a simple switch of a toggle you can go from the one sending your insurance policy to the one requesting that others send you their policies. 


Learn more about Mode Toggling > 

Compliance should be intuitive

Insurance coverage can be confusing.  Do your suppliers have the proper lines of coverage, limits, and endorsements?  Certificial allows you to create templates, set parameters and then track with simple, actionable alerts.


Learn more about Compliance Alerts > 

Built for everyone involved


Verify Suppliers meet your insurance requirements, track and monitor their coverage changes, mitigate risk and reduce operational costs


Know who your insurance coverage is being shared with, and remove the manual process out of obtaining coverage information


Never have to create another Certificate of Insurance and automate Certificate Holder renewals

Know you are properly covered

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