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The Smart
COI Network

Real-time Certificate Issuance and Compliance Management in one simple platform.

Trusted by 60,000+ companies

Insurance Verification Transformed with Smart COIs

Certificial® uses real-time data to ensure businesses have continuous, compliant insurance coverage. Move away from point-in-time documents—no more emails, calls or faxes.

The Smart COI Network connects all parties onto a single platform.

Certificates of Insurance (COIs) are leveraged by multiple audiences, all with a unique purpose. Regardless of your reason for utilizing COIs, our Smart COI Network ensures everyone uses the same continuously updated information.

Whether you’re using a Certificial module or integrates with another system, our network is the new standard for continuously sharing and tracking Smart COIs and related data.

Empower every stakeholder in the COI process to experience a data-first, real-time exchange of coverage information.

The solution that relieves all of your COI problems.


Safeguard your business by eliminating uninsured activity
Save time and money by managing compliance in a single platform
Take action for non-compliance and prevent uninsured claims

Agents and Brokers

Ensure adequate coverage is maintained year-round
Extend your AMS to utilize Certificial for Certificate Issuance
Enable self-service capabilities for your Clients


Receive alerts when your coverage no longer meets requirements
Instantly share your current coverage with new clients
Manage all of your insurance in one place + supports multi-agent relationships

Trusted by Agencies, Brokers, Businesses, and some of the world’s largest Companies.

Real Reviews from Real Customers - Excellent 4.5 out of 5, Google Reviews

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Jonathan Romano

Tristate Trucking N.Y. Corp

Our business has been dealing with many certificates of insurance verification companies throughout the years for our clients, and I have to say that Certificial was hands down the best one to deal with. Getting approved by our vendor is a process that generally takes days or even weeks and is now handled in a few hours by a rep calling me and getting our insurance approved in real-time! It is essential not to have hold-ups that can affect the vendors, their employees, and the client for many companies. We are glad Certificial does an excellent job for all parties involved!

Powerful Dashboard to Capture All Your Live Data

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