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Why Certificial

Increased efficiency. Accurate real-time data. Continuous, compliant coverage.
Joining our patented Smart COI Network is a no-brainer.

Real Reviews from Real Customers

Excellent 4.5 out of 5, Google Reviews

Sherrie Lee

Service Framing

"I love using Certificial to generate my COIs. It is a good program and it makes it so easy to get my certificates and I can get them whenever I need them. The program is very user friendly, and the rep Joseph Nasello is always available and very patient if I have any questions. They totally stand behind their product."

Latoya Grimes

Alpha Direct

"Joe and his team are amazing. They have helped us understand this platform and even offers hand-held support. The way they explain platform integrations is amazing- allowing me to understand how the platforms work so that in the future I am able to function on my own. Looking forward to see how the certificate process goes- I bet even more amazing! Automation is amazing especially for certs which is time consuming so I am grateful for them."

Chris Paradiso

Agency Owner, Paradiso Insurance

"Integrating with my AMS was easy, and now I can make a policy change and push the new info directly to all Cert Holders. This will save us thousands of hours per year...where has this been?"

Tracy Noone

V.P., Technical Development Manager, Conner Strong & Buckelew

"We're very impressed with the platform that Certificial has built. It appears to fill all the buckets we’re looking for. We’ve been saying for years creating and distributing certs shouldn’t be so complicated. Cheers to your team for figuring it out!"

Jonathan Romano

Tristate Trucking N.Y. Corp

"Our business has been dealing with many certificate of insurance verification companies throughout the years for our clients, and I have to say that Certifical was hands down the best one to deal with. A process that normally takes days/weeks for our business to get approved for our vendor was handled in a few hours with a rep calling me and getting our insurance approved in real time! For many businesses it is so essential to not have any hold-ups that prevent you from doing work for your vendors which leads to problems for the vendors, their employees and the client, and we are glad Certificial does a great job for all that are involved!"

Jon Wells

Risk Manager at NEW Cooperative

"Certificial allows agents easy access to our requirements while our vendors are busy working in fields or transporting goods. Managing this digitally gives us the confidence that our business and our vendor’s business will be protected in the event of a loss."

Eric Hale

CEO at Long Leaf Analytics

"I now know I’m always 100% in good standing with my Clients, and they no longer need to request updates from me when my coverage changes. Certificial handles all of that as well as shows me everyone I’m sharing my information with."

Partner Quote

Jordanne Oleson

Team Leader at Assured Partners

Becoming a Certificial Partner was a strategic move for AssuredPartners Agribusiness. The partnership allowed us to help our clients help themselves. We now have stronger relationships with them, have a much higher level of compliance, and have shifted to become fully digital.

Media Quotes

"I think Certificial is genius. The total addressable market of what Certificial is going after is massive, and the operational efficiency across all stakeholders that Certificial solves for, there’s real money that can be retained ROI-wise from these organizations by leveraging this technology to solve this."

Reid Holzworth

CEO of IVANS & Host of The Insurance Technology Podcast

"I think that Certificial is a game changer in the insurance industry. They are innovating from within the industry and solving pain points for many Agents and Brokers. I appreciate what Certificial is doing and believe it is the right step toward making the COI process more digital and eliminating E&O exposure for thousands of Agents and Brokers."

Heath Shearon

Host of Insurance Town Podcast

"Certificial’s technology turns a certificate of insurance, or COI, into a living, breathing document. For the insurance industry, that’s a relatively new thing."

Mark Hollmer

Senior Reporter, Insurance Business America

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