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Instantly share your insurance coverage with Smart COIs™

Gain 24/7 access to your insurance information, so you can issue COIs at any time and start working. Plus, gain peace of mind knowing where your business stands with your customer’s requirements.

Trusted by 60,000+ companies

Instant insurance verification makes getting started with new clients so easy.

Certificate Issuance

Save time, land more clients, and start jobs sooner by issuing your own COIs

Your Compliance

Ensure you are compliant with your customers’ Vendor Management Groups and always remain current once connected to a customer on Certificial

Quick and Easy Setup

It takes just a few minutes to set up your account and add your insurance agent

Save Time

Once your agent adds your policy information, you can send coverage data to your other clients without having to go back to your agent every single time


Receive notifications when your insurance coverage no longer meets a certificate holder’s required limits

Know Where You Stand

Instantly know whether you meet your client’s coverage requirements

Manage Your Roster of Clients

You will have visibility into which clients you are sharing your policy information with at all times

Keep Your Money

Certificial is completely free to you as an insured

Mutli-Agent Support

Manage all of your insurance in one place with multi-agent relationships

Eric Hale

CEO at Long Leaf Analytics

I now know I’m always 100% in good standing with my Clients, and they no longer need to request updates from me when my coverage changes. Certificial handles all of that and shows everyone I’m sharing my information with.

Sometimes you need to send proof of insurance

Sometimes you need to receive proof of insurance

Certificial lets you do both - from a single account. With the simple switch of a toggle, you can go from sending your insurance policies to your clients to requesting that your subcontractors, suppliers and vendors send you their policies.

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