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What is a Smart COI?
Do I need to create an account if my Client’s insurance is requested from a Cert Holder?
How do I respond to a request for insurance?
How do I populate Client and policy information to use in my response?
I need my CSR or Cert Department to respond to this request. How do I handle that?
Can I view the compliance status of my Clients with each of their Cert Holders?
Why is my Client non-compliant?
How do I update my Client’s coverage information within Certificial?
How do I access all of the Clients and Requests under my Agency?
Can I issue a COI without receiving a request for insurance from Certificial?
My Client received an email from another company regarding this request, not Certificial. Why is that?
Where can I go for additional help?
How is Certificial different than Certificate Management Systems?
How do I register to track my Suppliers’ insurance coverage?
I was invited to join Certificial by a Supplier who shared their coverage with me. What is the  difference between the COI I received and creating an account?
Can I invite my colleagues to access our company’s account?
What are Requirements Templates?
How do I send a Request for Insurance Coverage to my Suppliers?
Can I send a Request to more than one Supplier at a time?
How do I make Exceptions if a Supplier is Non-Compliant?
What does “Requires Review” mean?
Do I need to create an account if my insurance is requested from a Client?
What do I need to do when my coverage is requested?
How do I add my Agent?
Can I add multiple Agents?
Can I add my own policies?
What are Smart Certificates of Insurance (COIs)
Am I able to issue my own Smart COIs?
What do these statuses next to my Clients mean?
What if I don’t agree with the status of my compliance?
I provide multiple COI’s to a single Client. How is that handled?
Can I track my Suppliers using Certificial?
Where can I go for additional help?