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Certificial has partnered with Global Risk Management Solutions (GRMS) to provide digital insurance verification to their customers.

GRMS <> Certificial

GRMS' Risk Assessment Programs are designed to assist companies in identifying and reducing risk in their supplier base, enterprise-wide. GRMS has specifically designed eight modules to mitigate and continuously monitor risk for U.S. and internationally-based suppliers. The modules provide consistent, measurable standards which can either be focused on strategic suppliers or tailored for a wider group. Each module can be easily implemented and includes robust reporting functionality.

Financial Stability

Provide a continuously monitored Financial Stability Risk Score for U.S. suppliers and business credit reports for companies outside of the U.S.

Digital Insurance Verification

Digitally pulls insurance verification data directly from the insurance providers' databases and compares it automatically against the real client's requirements in real-time, essentially eliminating the need to collect and assess a Certificate of Insurance.

Reputational Protection

Provide clients with access to an extensive proprietary database of entities linked to illicit activities from over 35,000 news sources worldwide.

Regulatory Compliance

Monitor suppliers against over 1,500 global government enforcement and sanctions sources. Collect and manage various governmental regulations documentation.

Cyber Security

Provide a powerful cyber-security rating service that discovers, contextualizes and grades with continuous updates the security posture of all suppliers that have access to your data.

Document Verification

Collect, manage and validate any standardized document. Documents are matched to the client's sample template and securely stored online with automated alerts of any changes.

Social Responsibility

Measure critical elements of corporate social responsibility such as diversity status verification, slavery and human trafficking analysis as well as sustainability.

Health and Safety

Desktop review of safety manuals, collect customizable hazard identification survey, provide OSHA Fatality, Injury and Illness Reporting.

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