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Do your Clients have Suppliers? Track COIs and manage compliance for them and boost your Agency's
revenue, strengthen customer relationships, and beat out the competition as a member of Certificial's winning reseller program.

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Drive More Revenue

Earn additional revenue for your business by becoming a Certificial reseller.

Build Stronger Relationships

Use Certificial as a value-add to give your clients peace of mind, knowing their supplier compliance is covered.

Reduce Client Risk

Utilize the Smart COI Network™ to manage compliance in a single location, leaving no room for error.

Beat Out the Competition

Set yourself apart from the competition by providing a value-add service that other agencies are not.

Save Time and Money For Your Clients

Reduce your clients’ workloads and save them thousands a year by tracking and monitoring certificates for their suppliers.

Give Your Clients a Holistic Experience

Issue, track and monitor certificates of insurance in one simple platform.

Jordanne Oleson

Team Leader at Assured Partners

Becoming a Certificial Partner was a strategic move for AssuredPartners Agribusiness. The partnership allowed us to help our clients help themselves. We now have stronger relationships with them, have a much higher level of compliance, and have shifted to become fully digital.

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