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HawkSoft Agency Management System and Certificial have partnered to create a seamless, dynamic insurance verification process experience for HawkSoft Agents and Brokers.

HawkSoft <> Certificial

You can integrate your HawkSoft and Certificial accounts to simply respond to a single request for insurance or issue and manage proof of insurance for your entire book of business without leaving HawkSoft. With real-time integration, your Policy Holders' coverage information will be dynamically updated for each and every Certificate Holder instantly.

Benefits of Integration

  • Allows HawkSoft Agencies, their Policy Holders, and their Certificate Holders to share policy information near real-time
  • Automate renewals, with no need to send out Certificates of Insurance ever again
  • Notify Certificate Holders of changes to your Client's policy changes between renewals, including limit changes, effective dates, carrier ratings, and more

How to Sync Your Data

  1. Launch HawkSoft CMS
  2. Click on the Setup Menu (gear icon, top right)
  3. Select "Marketplace"
  4. Scroll down to find the listing for Certificial
  5. Check the box confirming consent to their Terms and Conditions
  6. Click "Share Data"
  7. If you are not yet registered on Certificial, register using the HawkSoft Registration Page​​ - Be sure to add your HawkSoft Agency I​​​D into the "AMS Agency ID" field on the registration form

*If you are already registered on Certificial, please email us at with the email address registered and your HawkSoft Agency ID​

**Your data will begin syncing with Certificial and may take up to an hour to be completed

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