Below are the most commonly asked questions related to your HawkSoft // Certificial integration. If you need further assistance, please email us at


How Do I Register & Sync Data?

  1. Launch HawkSoft CMS
  2. Click on the Setup Menu (gear icon, top right)
  3. Select "Marketplace"
  4. Scroll down to find the listing for Certificial
  5. Check the box confirming consent to their Terms and Conditions
  6. Click "Share Data"
  7. If you are not yet registered on Certificial, register using the HawkSoft Registration Page​​ * Be sure to add your HawkSoft Agency I​​​D into the "AMS Agency ID" field on the registration form
** If you are already registered on Certificial, please email us at with the email address registered and your HawkSoft Agency ID *** Your data will begin syncing with Certificial and may take up to an hour to be completed

How Do I Receive My Data Quality Report?

You should receive your data quality report 24-36 hours after you've setup your HawkSoft <> Certificial integration. If you have not yet received your data quality report, please contact

How Do I Export a Client's Cert Holder Address Book?

In order to upload a Cert Holder address book in Certificial, you must first export the information from HawkSoft. To do this, please:

  1. Log into HawkSoft
  2. Select the "Search" icon on the top-left of the screen
  3. Enter the name of the Business or Primary contact and select the "Search" button
  4. Locate the Client and click the "Select" button
  5. Select the "Action" icon
  6. Navigate through the prompt to select "Print/Create" in the 4th step, and then select "Certificate of Liability (025)"
  7. Select/Highlight the COI and then click the "Edit" button
  8. In the left navigation select "Certificate Holder" and then click the "Export" button
  9. Save the .csv file to your computer
To upload the Cert Holder Address book: log into Certificial, click the Guided Assistance meanu on the left and select "Upload Client Address Book" for a step-by-step walkthrough.

How Do I Resolve Errors On My Data Quality Report?

To understand how to read your data quality report and resolve the errors, please visit this page.